Federal Relief Spending Plan

White River Valley School District:  Federal Covid-19 Relief Spending

Across Indiana, $2.5 billion in federal funding has been allocated to local school districts to help address schools’ Covid-19 related needs.

Here at WRVSD, we have been allocated $2,195,299.68 from three rounds of Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief funding (ESSER)—which is based on the district’s share of the state’s Title 1 allocation—and federal Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) funds.

Over the last two years, we developed plans for how to strategically and sustainably deploy these funds to successfully accelerate student learning, support our educators, make a sustainable impact on innovation across our schools and update technology and other infrastructure.  

Read of full plans here: ESSER SPENDING PLAN

Through our locally-developed plans we are investing in—

*keeping our early primary class sizes low to increase individualized attention for young learners;

*adding additional mental health counselors and Trauma-based relational intervention programs;

*adding an afterschool academic program across all three district schools to address learning loss and give students additional academic assistance; 

*replacing and updating antiquated building HVAC systems; and

*updating technology infrastructure.

Looking ahead, we plan to continue to improving in these areas.  We have encumbered the first round of funding.  Per federal law, we have through September, 2023 and September, 2024 to encumber the second two rounds of ESSER funding.

Funds are available for all school districts through a reimbursement process for approved expenses in the spending plan.   Track WRVSD’s current uses and reimbursements of these funds here.

For more information on WRVSD’s federal Covid-19 relief funding, please contact Dr. Robert Hacker at the WRVSD administrative center.