Welcome to our website!  White River Valley School District is proud to enter the 2021-22 school year with plenty of choices for our students and their parents/guardians.  First, WRVSD, our Board of Education, our faculty, and our administration all believe that the best delivery method for learning is in-person learning with a highly qualified educator.  We are concerned about the statewide learning loss that has occurred with this pandemic.  As a result, we are launching an afterschool program in all three buildings that can help with homework, tutoring, social-emotional adjustment, and individual learning needs.  The program will run until 5:30 Monday through Thursday and will include transportation between schools at the conclusion of the day.

We are excited to enter year two of our Regional Opportunity Initiative “Ready Schools” Implementation program!  We will be refining a number of the new initiatives last year.  We will continue to immerse our students into more STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) academic programming as designed by Mr. Jacob Graham, our WRVSD STEAM district coordinator.  We have added opportunities in the elementary and middle school through Project Lead the Way initiatives in computer science, engineering, and biomedical science.  We will continue to train all PK-grade 8 teachers/staff in the Trust-Based Relational Intervention program to help our students with trauma and other tough situations in their lives.  We have added two student services positions at our elementary school to help address social-emotion aspects of our students.

It will be an exciting year at White River Valley High School as well.  The Wolverine Enterprises LLC, a series of six student-led businesses, enters year two of operation for all juniors and seniors.  This focus on the building of our local workforce talent will help give students entrepreneurial skills, soft skills, and a focus on future careers.  Through our acceptance into the Conexus Apprenticeship program, opportunities to gain actual salaries for their work is a great learning feature for our students.  It really is “earn, while you learn!”  Freshmen and Sophomore students will continue to participate in eight different LIFE mini-courses to gain “real life” experiences that aren’t always taught in the classroom.  Topics like financial literacy, etiquette, car maintenance, resume writing, application completion, SAT/ACT preparation are among the mini-course curricula.  2021-22 will also be year two of our involvement with the Advanced Placement TIP grant through the University of Notre Dame.  WRV HS has grown our AP program offerings to include ten different courses across our curriculum, helping to build the rigor in our courses that will help students prepare for life after high school.

We are all concerned with student safety in the midst of the pandemic.  If we can partner with families to self-check students prior to their arrival at school, we can make sure that students have great academic, social, and emotional experiences as we build our local talent towards future success.  We will continue to offer students online learning opportunities during 2021-22.  Parents will need to contact their building principals for more information.

Let’s continue to work together to give our students genuine experiences that will lead to post-secondary success!!  At WRV, we GROW dreams!!



Dr. Bob Hacker, superintendent


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