WRV ELEMENTARY To Launch Telehealth program

A Healthy Dose of Technology

A Healthy Dose of Technology

Greene County - Technology usage in schools is increasing.

But now, it's shifting from the classroom, to the nurses office.

An elementary school in Greene County is the first of many to pioneer a new program that will open doors for in school healthcare.

Telehealth is a program dedicated to maintaining the health of students, while also allowing parents to skip the process of making impromptu appointments.

"A lot of kids it would be difficult to for them to get to the physician or physician's office after school because their parents work and may not be able to take time off to take them," said CEO of Greene County General Hospital Brenda Reetz.

Telehealth uses a computer system that allows children to Skype with a nurse practitioner while at school.

Not only can a diagnosis be made on the spot, but lab tests like strep and flu swabs, glucose cultures, and even urinalysis tests can be performed. 

And as for parents, this program makes taking care of their sick child a little easier.

"They can go straight to the pharmacy after the diagnosis," said White River Valley Schools Superintendent Dr. Bob Hacker.

According to Dr. Hacker there are only five schools in Indiana that offer this program.

And he hopes that if all goes well in the program, he can implement it into other schools in the district, "We expect it to be a success. And as quickly as possible I'd like to get it at every school in our district".