Public Work Session

Public Work Session
Public Work Session

December 20, 2018


Dear Students, Parents, and Patrons of the WRV School District:


Back in the Spring, 2014, the WRV School District passed a .41 General Fund Operating Referendum.  After being cut over $2,000,000 in General Fund Revenue since 2008, the district could no longer operate effectively without taking extreme measures.  After making $700,000 in personnel cuts trying to make ends meet after having the state revenue reduced by the above amount, the district could no longer operate as it was, which was through not using our Capital Projects to make the proper fixes and upkeep in facilities, transferring those funds to the Rainy Day Fund, and making our General Fund expenditures with that Rainy Day Fund monies.  The GFOR is good for 7 years; the 2019 Budget Year will be year 5 of that 7.

Over the course of January, February, and March of 2019, the Board will be holding three special public work session meetings to discuss the future of our school district.  There will be time for public input during these meetings.  We will be discussing the current grade structures of our district, future facility needs, preventative maintenance, academic programs and concerns with the new Career Pathways structure enacted by the State Department of Education, financial situations and forecasts, possible consolidation and/or major building renovations, and other important items.

The public is invited and encouraged to attend any of these meetings!  We look forward to these most important discussions as the Board plans for the future.


WRV High School                    January 23, 2019         5:30PM

WRV Elementary School         February 13, 2019       5:30PM

WRV Middle School                March 13, 2019           5:30PM

Work session documents can be found under the Board of Trustees tab on the district website.





 Dr. Robert M. Hacker, Superintendent                      David Reed, Board President